Company Review: Yoco – Card Machines for Small Businesses

This company review is about Yoco, a hardware and software fintech company based in South Africa.

South Africa has the #1 penetration of electronic card machines in the continent. However, one reason that card payments are not as prevalent outside of Mzansi, is the adoption of mobile, and peer-to-peer payments such as mPesa, which is notably popular in East Africa.

Now back here in SA, Yoco contents with the likes of iKhokha for dominance in the card payment machines space, with their iconic blue machines used by both big and small businesses across the country. Yoco has had a really great track record of quality products, and their Yoco Neo, is by far the most affordable way that any small business can use to start accepting card payments. Since COVID-19 hit us, which is over a year now, Yoco has grown substantially in the online payments space, where they now compete head-to-head with the likes of Payfast and PayU.

Compare Yoco Card Machines

In 2021, Yoco offers 2 versions of their card payment machines. They are the following:

  • Yoco Go, costs R399.00
  • Yoco Neo, costs R999.00

The features of each product are covered below.

Yoco Online Payments Products

Apart from physical products, Yoco has various online payment solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs. They include the following:

  1. Payment gateway,
  2. Payment link;
  3. Vouchers

Consult with Ultrapreneur About Yoco Online Payment Solutions

As more businesses open online stores, it is important for any e-commerce entrepreneur to have secure and reliable online payment methods. Yoco’s suite of online payment methods is one of the solutions we recommend. They’re easy to set up and also work for businesses without websites as well.

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    Where to Buy a Yoco Card Machine

    Yoco Contact Details

    You can buy your Yoco machine at various retailers, but also directly from their online store, and have it delivered to wherever you are.

    Yoco Store

    See more solutions and small business resources from Yoco.

    Yoco Rating

    We give Yoko 5/5 Ultra Stars

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